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Attorney Brenda Melkonian Vaughan

Divorce Mediator (781)572-2419

About Me

I am a graduate of Boston University's School of Management where I received a combined Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration in Marketing. While pursuing my degree at B.U., I attended the University of California/Los Angeles where I also studied psychology and sociology. 

 I received my J.D. from New England Law where I was fortunate to participate in the school's legal aid clinic which operated in conjunction with Greater Boston Legal Services. I am a member in good standing of the Massachusetts Bar Association and I practiced divorce and family law in Massachusetts for several years. I have also been appointed and have served as a Guardian ad Litem through the Probate and Family Courts.

After observing the financial and emotional toll that a litigious divorce imposes on parties to a divorce and their children, I decided to focus my efforts on divorce and family law mediation. I firmly believe that , with the assistance of a trained mediator, parties can effectively resolve their case with satisfying and lasting results. And, in the process of reaching legal closure on their marriage, parties often discover that they have also attained emotional closure on their relationship.